When to Book Your Summer Vacation Flights

Summer vacations are what many people and families look forward to all year. There is something about the warm weather that makes people ready to book a flight to a tropical island or another country. However, booking summer vacation flights can be quite expensive, especially during the summertime. Airline companies are extremely smart, and they know people prefer to vacation during the summer months. So, they increase the prices of their flights, no matter if they are domestic or international. However, there are ways to work around these price increases. In this article, we are going to share some tips on when to book your summer vacation flight so you can potentially save thousands of dollars.

How to Save on Your Summer Vacation Flights 

Right now, many people have cancelled their summer vacations because of the Coronavirus. Many people are waiting to fly to avoid getting infected, which is a very smart decision. However, these flight tips can be used in future years when, hopefully, all of the illness concerns are over with. So, even if you are not flying in the summer of 2020, take note of these tips for future summer vacations. 

Book at Least a Month in Advance 

Most people start planning their summer vacation in the late winter month or early spring. For people with full-time jobs, they need to tell their boss in advance when they are taking time off. So, many people will start planning their vacation months in advance. When it comes to booking flights, this is actually the best way to save money. When you book a domestic or international flight on a whim, airlines will charge you significantly more. This is because they know you are excited to book a flight quickly, and you are less likely to pay attention to the price. 

However, when you have the ability to plan your summer vacation in advance, airlines will generally have their prices set low. According to Popular Mechanics, the best time to book a domestic flight is one to three months in advance. On the other hand, the best time to book an international flight is two to eight months prior. But, you don’t want to book your flight too early, as airlines will keep their flights high before the eight month mark. Once it’s about four months before the date of a flight, the price will drop and it is the best time to purchase your tickets. 

Go on Vacation During Late Summer 

A large majority of people book their summer vacations during the early months or middle of the summer. This is why the most expensive time to fly is April through June for both domestic and international flights. Airlines likely increase their rates during this time because they know kids are out of school for summer vacation. So, they know parents are more likely to pay the high price of airline tickets so their kids can join them on vacation. However, you can still get a great rate on summer tickets, you just have to book them for late summer. 

According to an article by Skyscanner, August and September have significantly cheaper prices than June and July. For most school districts, kids are still on summer vacation until mid-August. So, flying out during the first weeks of August is a great idea. If your kids start school in the first weeks of August, consider starting your vacation during late July, and flying home during the first few days of August. This should cut the price of each ticket by around $30! 

Browse Summer Vacation Flights on a Private Browser 

Another way to save money on flights is by only browsing tickets on a private browser. Airline websites can put cookies on your browser so they can tell which prices you have already been shown. For example, say you go to an American Airlines website first, and they quote you $400 for your trip. Then, say you go to the United Airlines website. United Airlines can detect that American Airlines quoted you $400 for their ticket. So, United Airlines may offer you $399, but nothing far less than that. They know you have already been quoted $400, so they won’t offer you a much greater deal so they get the most profit possible. When you use a private browser, your history will not be shown to other airlines. This way, they will likely offer you a lower price, which will then save you money on your flights. 

Consider Taking a Winter Vacation 

Although laying out by the beach or taking a cruise can be an amazing time, consider going on vacation during the winter next vacation! According to Skyscanner, the cheapest times to book a flight, whether it be domestic or international, are January and February. For this year’s vacation, you can go skiing, hiking, and even sight-seeing. Some great winter destinations are New York City, Canada, Alaska, Montana, and Utah. All of these places are just as beautiful as a clear, blue ocean, and your family is sure to have an amazing time. 

In the month of January, most school districts don’t start until the third week. This means you and your family have plenty of time to enjoy cheap flight rates. Not to mention, tourist destinations are far less crowded than destinations during the summer. So, take advantage of this by saving money and have an even better time with your family. 

Saving Money on Your Next Vacation

Hopefully the tips above help you to save money when booking your summer vacation flights. Another tip we have, if applicable, is to use your airline points from you credit card, if that is one of the benefits provided by your bank. And, if you travel frequently, consider getting one of these credit cards to save money in the future. Other than that, feel free to reach out to one of our financial professionals if you have any questions about saving money. We would be more than happy to help you and answer your questions!

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