Insurance Policies And Risk Management

Purchasing an insurance policy, whether it be health insurance, life insurance, or something else, is an excellent example of Risk Management at work.

In this case, holding an insurance policy protects you, to some extent, from the possible negative outcomes of an identified risk.

With health insurance, for example, you pay a monthly premium in order to receive coverage in the event that you require costly medical attention. These policies can vary greatly in cost and coverage, but the basic concept of Risk Management holds true regardless of the policy.

“Risk management is a more realistic term than safety. It implies that hazards are ever-present, that they must be identified, analyzed, evaluated and controlled or rationally accepted.”

-Jerome F. Lederer

What Is Risk Management?

With any investment, there is generally a certain amount of risk that the investor assumes, which can include, but is not limited to, loss in value as well as loss in principle.

Risk Management is a term that covers all types of financial strategies that are implemented to accept, reduce, or in some cases eliminate, such risks. These strategies are normally reviewed in accordance with an investor’s risk tolerance.

Risk Management can define any case where a risk is assessed and a decision is made (such as choosing a less volatile investment vehicle in order to assume less risk), but the different types of insurance also comprise a large portion of Risk Management.

Our Risk Management Services:

»Life Insurance


»Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance

»Health Insurance

»Business Planning

Our Approach To Risk Management:


Assess the investor’s potential risks as well as their risk tolerance.


Avoid excessive risk and protect from unavoidable risk through insurance.


Offer benefits to mitigate loss in the event of negative outcomes.

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