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Tips to Help Recover From a Job Loss

With the economy shutting down because of the coronavirus, unfortunately, millions of Americans lost their jobs. Thankfully, the economy is getting up and running again. However, many people are still left without a job. Recovering from a job loss can feel like an anxiety-inducing and stressful process, which is why many people put it off. […]

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Inexpensive Home Improvements That May Raise the Value of Your House

People across the world have been spending more time at home to practice self-isolation. This has given people an excellent opportunity to do some home improvements. Thankfully, home improvements are a great way to stay busy all while being in the safety of your own home. Although many home improvement projects can be very expensive, […]

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Free Indoor Kids Activities You Can Do From Home

With people trying to stay home as much as possible, it can be a challenge to keep kids preoccupied. Most schools have gone to distance learning, which means kids do not have a designated place to get all of their energy out. This can pose a problem if you are trying to stay productive working […]

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How the Coronavirus Can Impact Your Finances

In the United States, the coronavirus has had a significant impact on people over the last few weeks. From grocery store shortages to sparking a potential recession, the coronavirus has affected people in many ways other than health concerns. One of the most prominent impacts of the coronavirus is the economic downturn it has caused. […]

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How to Help Minimize the Impact of an Economic Downturn

Unfortunately, economic downturns are very common, and generally expected. Whether the economic downturn is caused by a pandemic or a normal recession, there are some ways to help minimize its impact. Below are some helpful tips to help you stay as financially stable as possible. Avoid Using Your Emergency Fund As you may know, at […]

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Common Financial Mistakes Among Police Officers

Everyone makes some financial mistakes, big or small, at some point in their career. Knowing the most common financial mistakes in your line of work can help you improve your own financial habits. For police officers specifically, below are the most common financial mistakes we have seen made. Eating Out When Working Most police officers […]

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Financial Habits Teachers Should Have

Financial habits are very important to adopt for people in any line of work. However, teachers should pay close attention to their financial habits to help better their future. It can be difficult to get promotions and pay increases as a teacher due to limited upper-level positions. So, it is important for teachers to work […]

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Investments to Consider as an Athlete

Professional athletes tend to have shorter careers than most other professions. This is because their bodies have to be able to perform properly. With that being said, in most professional sports, the average retirement age of athletes is 33.1 This is far too early to start receiving retirement benefits offered by sports leagues. So, for […]

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Steps for Teachers to Improve Their Finances During School Closings

Staying on top of finances can be challenging when you work a full-time job. It can be even more challenging when you have kids of your own or a home to manage. As teachers are working from home because of school closings due to COVID-19, is it the perfect opportunity to improve their finances. From […]

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5 Reasons Teachers Should Consider a Roth IRA

Preparing for retirement is always a smart financial decision no matter your career or age. The earlier you start to put money aside for your future, the more prepared you will be when you are ready to retire from your career. Thankfully, in the state of New York, teachers generally receive over $45,000 per year […]

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