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Why Is Financial Literacy Critical for Physicians?

Doctors often earn more than the national average salary [1], even during residency [2]. But financial strain is still surprisingly common in this field. Many reasons may contribute to this financial burden, which might eventually take a toll on a physician’s professional performance, potentially driving them to burnout. 64% of physicians express the need for […]

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How Can Teachers Stay Afloat Financially During Summers?

The idea that teachers enjoy summers is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about this profession. It is true that teachers get summer breaks, but many teachers are unable to use this time to relax and recharge for the next school year. There are financial responsibilities to address. And with no paycheck coming in during […]

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Insightful Real Estate Investment Tips that Might Help You Make Sound Decisions

The real estate arena seems lucrative and tends to attract many investors. But the influx of people towards this investment opportunity does not mean it offers easy wealth. Real estate investment can be competitive and often risky. Given the hefty amount of capital often involved, one wrong move might lead you to the edges of […]

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Top Budgeting Tips for Teachers

We believe most teachers enter the profession as a result of their passion for education. And while the joy of giving back to the community might bring immense pleasure, real-life responsibilities can catch up quickly, potentially leading to financial stress and may even suck the joy out of the job. There are numerous expenses that […]

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Do Professional Athletes Need Financial Strategists?

Athletes are highly skilled professionals. But one thing they often lack is sound fiscal knowledge, which may make a supposedly lucrative career end in financial distress. Unlike many other people, professional athletes don’t grow their wealth over decades of experience and various promotions throughout their career. They often start earning a high income as soon […]

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4 Tips that May Help Make Filing Taxes Less Agonizing

The US tax system is notorious for its complexity. This is why filing taxes might easily rank among some of the most annoying things US citizens have to go through every year. Many people delay filing taxes because of this inherent difficulty. And that does not make the process any easier. While you can do […]

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How Can Law Enforcement Officers Make More Money?

According to Indeed, 50% of police officers claim that their salaries are enough for the cost of living in their area [1]. That’s a great number, considering the economy and all. But what about the other half? It is true that most law enforcement officers (LEOs) make enough to get by and sometimes even support […]

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4 Common Financial Struggles of a Teacher + Strategies to Assist

Teachers are often not only underappreciated, but sometimes (read much of the time) underpaid as well. Despite being highly qualified, many public school teachers barely get by with their income [1]. As a result, they battle with unmatched challenges on the personal finance end and bear greater economic stress than many other workers in the […]

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4 Practical Financial Planning Tips for Nurses

Nurses graduate from their nursing programs with a plethora of medical knowledge. But most of these programs do not include financial management courses. This lack of focus on the financial side of things can lead to nurses often getting overwhelmed as soon as they enter professional life and are hit with real-world economic problems. And […]

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Passive Income Ideas for Busy Physicians

Relying on a single source of income can lead to financial and professional difficulties. But a doctor’s cramped schedule rarely allows for additional work. Between medical practice, continuing education, and personal life, there’s often little time left to pick up side work. So, as it seems, you may have no other option but to build […]

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