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We Specialize In Providing Financial Planning Services For Law Enforcement Professionals

As financial advisors, we assist police officers, first responders, and public servants in developing a solid financial foundation through financial wellness training, personalized financial planning, and life insurance. Our aim is to empower these individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to create a secure financial future for themselves and their loved ones.


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We understand the stress and uncertainty that can arise when it comes to managing finances and securing a stable financial future. Learning how to build wealth can feel daunting, and it’s easy to feel discouraged when it seems like you can never make progress.

But you don’t have to navigate this alone.

Our team of financial experts is dedicated to helping you plan for retirement that is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. As specialists in working with law enforcement professionals, we have a deep understanding of the challenges you may face.

Let us help you break free from feeling stuck and guide you towards building a strong financial foundation that will serve you well for years to come.

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Building a sound financial plan is never “one solution suits all.” During our meeting we’ll ask questions to learn about your goals and circumstances, before creating your strategy.

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Once we have a good understanding of your needs and concerns, we’ll get to work creating a custom strategy that’s well-suited for you.

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Whether your retirement is just around the corner or many years away, this guide will teach you some of the basics of how to plan for a retirement that suits you.

Why Dayton & Sydney Wealth Strategies Group?


We have a long history of working with professionals in different industries- including law enforcement! Our experience gives us more insight into the common challenges that police officers face while creating a financial plan, as well as some of the better-suited options that are available.


We have a team of over 15 qualified financial professionals, as well as additional support staff. All of this ensures that when you need to reach out with a question or concern, we’ll not only be available, but we’ll also be able to get you in touch with someone who can answer your more specific questions.


During our planning process, a key part is where we assess things like your current situation and your goals. By getting to know you and your needs before we recommend a strategy, we’re able to narrow down to the available options that are best-suited for your unique situation.

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