20 Ways To Leave Your 20’s Behind

Leaving your 20’s behind soon to join the big 3-0 club? Good news- Many people in their 30’s feel more confident, more passionate and more put together than they ever did in their 20’s. By the time you are in your 30’s, you are ideally more mature and have lived long enough to learn some of life’s most valuable lessons. But, how can you be prepared and ensure that you live out these years to the fullest? We have got you covered. Here are 20 ways to leave your 20’s behind!

  1.    Travel More

Take that trip to Tahiti, explore Europe, do a cross-country road trip. Whatever your travel fantasies are, take the time to fulfill them, as you may not get the chance to in the future.

  1.    Build Your Career

You spent your 20’s trying to understand what you wanted to do with your life. Your 30s should be spent pursuing that goal or dream.

  1.    Learn to Love Yourself

At this point in your life, you should learn to love yourself for who you are. Change the things you can and want to change but embrace the things you cannot.

  1.    Be Smart About Retirement

While you may be far off from having to actually retire, you should certainly start saving as soon as you can. The sooner you start a retirement account and begin investing your money, the better off you’ll tend to be in the future.

  1.    Cut Off Bad Relationships

In your 20’s you probably spent a lot of time around people you later realized you didn’t care for. Your 30’s should be spent building genuine connections with people that actually matter to you.

  1.    Become Close with Your Parents

Even if you don’t have the best relationship with your parents, becoming close with them and understanding who they are as people can be an invaluable experience that you’ll be happy to have.

  1.    Don’t Compare Yourself

With the advent of social media, it is far too easy to obsess over the lives of friends, family members or even famous strangers. In your 30’s you should break the habit, and understand that social media is just a highlight reel.

  1.    Consider Life Insurance

Tragedy can strike when we least expect it. By purchasing life insurance early on, you can help ensure your family is protected in case the worst were to occur.

  1.    Start Eating Healthy

Let’s face it, eating a whole Domino’s pie makes you feel a lot worse now than it did in your early 20’s. Show your body some love. By adopting these habits now, you can better your quality of life in the future.

  1.   Practice What You’re Good At

Whether you have a knack for painting or are a talented musician, keep practicing those hobbies that you find joy in. You’d be surprised how having a hobby can keep you sharp, active and happy.

  1.   Keep Taking Chances

Plenty of people confuse their 20’s as the only time they can ever take risks. However, you are still young and energetic in your 30’s! Don’t waste this time. Get out there and adventure!

  1.   Learn Something Every Day

One of the worst things you can do in your 30’s is to stop learning new things. The brain is a muscle and if you continue to work it, it will keep you sharp later in life.

  1.   Start an Emergency Fund

Get in the habit of putting aside money for emergencies. This extra fund can also be used to put a down payment on a house or new car or any other big purchase.

  1.   Quit Those Bad Habits

Habits like smoking or heavy drinking can be toxic later in life. If you quit these habits now, chances are you won’t have to worry about the health consequences down the line.

  1.   Start Journaling

Whether you write about your day or tackle some of your most intense emotions, journaling can be an incredible skill to develop in your 30s. Studies have found that it can even help you deal with stress more effectively.

  1.   Learn You’re Not Going to Satisfy Everyone

There are upwards of 7 billion people on the planet; there is little chance you are going to be able to please all of them. Focus on yourself and do whatever it is that will make you the happiest.

  1.   Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

Nobody is perfect, and neither are you. Even in the prime of your 30s, you’re going to make mistakes. So, don’t beat yourself up. Look up, stay strong and give it all you’ve got.

  1.   Develop a Habit for Exercise

A lack of physical activity can result in a large number of health conditions later in life. You can solve this now, by creating a habit of working out on a regular basis.

  1.   Understand that Everyone Is Doing Their Best

In your 30’s, you should squash the idea that other people know what they’re doing. Everyone has doubts and fears up until the day they die. Embrace this fact, and live by it.

  1.   Plan the Life You Want

Your 30s is a time in your life when you have the most control and the highest number of opportunities. You should embrace this time instead of shying away from it. Plan out the life you want and then go after it with relentless passion.


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